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How will history judge Angela Merkel?

Posted by Konstandinos Diamandouros on 26/08/12

Angela Merkel has for a second year in a row been chosen as the world’s most powerful woman by the Forbes magazine.  Surely then, being Angela Merkel would be every woman’s dream.  Yet, the reality would not be further away. Despite all her efforts during the past two years to stave off a full-blown euro [...]

Greek elections: a rotten dilemma or a chance for a new Europe?

Posted by Konstandinos Diamandouros on 05/05/12

The coalition government stitched together by Lucas Papademos has successfully concluded its mandate and, as agreed, the Greek political system is headed for a snap election on 6 May.   These are being described as the most important elections in Greece in the last thirty years, whose results may determine not only Greece’s place in [...]

EU and the fiscal pact: why a German Europe may be not that bad after all

Posted by Konstandinos Diamandouros on 25/03/12

German popularity today is probably at one of the lowest points in post-war Europe.  Its stubborn persistence on fiscal austerity has made it the object of severe criticism from all corners of the world. That disenfranchised citizens, politicians ranging from patriotic nationalists to utopian communists, liberal minded intellectuals and the lot would condemn the evils [...]

EU fiscal union and the democratic process: drawing the red line

Posted by Konstandinos Diamandouros on 03/03/12

The European Union has always been considered a union of sovereign democratic nations. In fact, democracy is regarded as a sine qua non for EU membership as clearly stipulated in article 1a of the Lisbon Treaty which reads ‘The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy…..’. Yet, never before [...]

The Greek crisis as a potential catalyst for the revival of national animosity

Posted by Konstandinos Diamandouros on 20/02/12

On 15 Febuary, I was listening to Nigel Farage’s intervention in the European Parliament about the Greek crisis…).   For those not familiar with the name, MEP Farage is leader of the UK Independence Party and President of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Party in the EP.   Have long considered myself an enthusiastic [...]